We are very excited to begin work to offer a very high quality meat chicken as the result of numerous requests.

‘Production’ birds are fine and provide an economically acceptable product.  We often carry birds like the Cornish X that is a great meat bird. Check the store for availability.

There is, however, a niche market need that we can address with regard to a premium poultry breed that is hand-raised, free-ranged and uniquely finished.

We’ve done a great deal of research with our contacts and feel that we have two fantastic offerings;

Jidori-style Red Rangers

The Red Ranger is a slower growing breed that produces an excellent meat bird.  This, with a ‘Jidori’ type of growing and finishing, will give exquisite flavor.

Our stock has arrived and in a few months we will be offering these birds for sale.

American Bresse

This breed is an extremely rare and is one of the most delicious chickens in the world.

They originated in the Bresse area of France and are raised under strict guidelines.

We are working with a supplier and have already received scheduled shipments.

They are a fantastic, good-looking bird.

We are very excited to be able to offer this chicken to select restaurants and discriminating cooks.